Catchi ng Up

So, guess who’s got a new gig as an intermediate knitting instructor at a brand new yarn shop?

This classy cat mom!!

I am excited beyond words. On top of finalizing my first round of inventory for my Etsy shop I am just completely tickled to be doing something I love and sharing it with others! I will be doing shawl and sock seminars and a few funky projects along the way.

I’ve also finished alot of projects lately

I finished both the BFF Shawl and The Doodler this week.

Ok, the Doodler I kinda gave up on after Clue 2, but I think it will make a fantastic cowl. I guess you can just call it The Dood. I’ve also dragged up an old project that has been languishing on my shelf since I was a redhead last year, my Ishbel shawl. 

Can’t waot to see what it looks like finished. 

So, I am excited for not only the new yarns at the new yarn shop I will be teaching at, but also the new Fall yarns debuting at my usual yarn shop down the road here in the next few months. I need to make room in my stash, so who all is in for a knit along?!

I’ll post details in a few days šŸ˜‰

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