Lewd, Crude, Rude

So I’m sitting here at work. I know this isn’t the place to appropriately address such issues but I’m particularly agitated this evening.

I won’t say I regret going to nursing school, because I’m not a nurse yet, but good lord do I hate having to work at this place while going to school. 
For those of you who haven’t played along, I’m a technician at an adult psychiatric hospital. I’m basically a babysitter and lifeguard rolled into one. As far as nursing goes it would be a relatively easy placeent, as the nurses up here literally only interact with these patients for a ten minute assessment and handing out meds. Any other patient contact occurs when the patients are acting naughty.

Which, being in a psyche department, isn’t truthfully that often.

But when the patients ARE being naughty, the nurses are still doing as minimal contact as possible.

Maybe that’s just on my floor. Who knows. There are three nurses that break this mold and really get in to the patients in their charge, but no more.

Goes to show the kind of world Mental Health really is.

Psyche is not my dream nursing field in the first place, I think that’s why I handle things like naughty patients so well: I’m not emotionally invested in this work, I’m just here to pay bills.

And buy yarn

A new Racheal is a fellow Ravenclaw and commissioned three house scarves! I’m trying out the Cascade Yarns Longwood yarn ajd, sweet mother of Jesus, it is divine.

Sometimes you pick a yarn out at the shop and it sits in your stash for years until it tells you what it wants to be. Sometimes you get stuck on trying to find the perfect yarn for a project and it lauded you.

This is not that yarn. I’m ashamed of myself for not finding it sooner because, yall, it’s gorgeous. It’s soft. It’s the perfect Ravenclaw colors.

I almost don’t want to give it away! 

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