I have been cleaning like a mad woman lately. It goes to show that your environment can really reflect the madness within. I’ve tidied up and organized my living room, and cleaned out my closet. Mostly I cleaned out my closet because so many clothes no longer fot, sadly, but oh well. This is why I knit, to compliment my big fabulous self. 

In this cleaning, I have discovered and reclaimed several projects.

That rainbow bit is a shawl i just wasnt in love with. Ill be re knitting it into a cowl. The lovely grey and blue striped is a brioche scarf I am making. I may be a crazy person, but now that I know how to do it, I want to do everything in brioche!

The grey is an ottoman, you’ve probably seen all sorts of trendy ones on Pinterest that you can get at Urban Outfitters or Ikea that cost an arm and a leg. I was knitting it, as you can see, on thick-ass needles. 

Yes, that is a proper unit of measurement.

But alas, I don’t like big needles. So I decided to cop out and go the quicker route to crochet it. It’s killing my hands, but I think it will be swell!

I also picked up a spindle for the first time in ages

This is a Turkish spindle, 3d printed by Turtle Made, which is a lovely shop on Etsy.oh goodness, I may never go back to a Top whirl spindle again!! This thing literally floats through the air. I enjoyed it immensely. 


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