I have no words for what transpired two nights ago. 

Before we go further than that, I would like to share that I proudly voted Third Party. I had to go woth someone who represented not only a good chunk of my personal values, (not all, but many), and I chose someone who could elegantly and more appropriately represent the USA when interacting with our international allies.

Neither main party candidate did that to me.

But you’re not here for my opinions, your hear for happiness, warmth, and something you can keep close to you.

I finished up some fingerless mitts for a friend while I was watching the results come in and about shoved the needled into my face a time or two, but we made.

I also finished this lovely set from Local Hand Dyed Yarns out of Seattle Washington. I started wit the Boyfriend Cap from Church Mouse Yarns, and by the time I was done I had half a skein left over.

I, as those who know me personally may know, do not like to waste yarn. so, I decided to make a cabled neck warmer out of it.

BLISSFULLY it was stretchy, as I had to resort o using it as an ear warmer at work. up until today, the air conditioner has been on and it has been colder than Siberia up in this psyche ward.


Back to a serious note.

BE kind to one another. If Hillary Clinton had won the electoral collage, there would still be riots. Go out and volunteer your time woth your fellow man. Go to a cheap community college and take a Political Science class to learn a little more about how our system works. Go run for office. we cannot let such hate define us.

Research your third party candidates too. It’s worth he risk to change. 

Goodnight, yall.


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