In Too Deep

It is already the second day of December, where has the time gone? This whole past month has been full of tears and stress and things I would just rather not have to deal with. It has also consisted of many many impulse knitting projects

I am not a perfect person. I have yet to mail out prizes for my October knit along and wishes I granted for people on Instagram. I have been so, so overwhelmed woth school that I have just wanted to do some things for others and let my priorities slack.

Ongoing projects:

* October KAL prizes (2)

* Yarn Wishes Granted (3)

* Syrian refugee knitting (ongoing)

* Kindergarten hats for a friend’s class (5)

* Commissioned Harry Potter scarves (1 left)

* Knitters Pay it Forward (1)

I’m happy to say that the last and first on that list is complete, everything else has been totally touch and go. Let’s not even talk about the Brioche infinity scarf I’m doing for my future mother in law. I feel like I’m literally swimming in projects right now. 

I did, at the very least, finishy Void shawl, and I am so in love. I already want to make another!

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