I’ve really been disconnected from life lately. It’s like I’ve been a different person, I’ve not cared about alot of things, and then the next thing you know I need to hug everyone I know. It’s been wierd.

I suppose flunking out of nursing school really started this downward spiral. I doubled my student loan debt for literally nothing in return. Really really sucks.

I also scrapped my original podcast and restarted No Rest for the Knotty. I feel it will be a more cohesive project once I get the graphics to cooperate, haha.

But, despite all that, I have been making socks.

Lots, and lots, of socks.

Think back to all those shawls I was working on a while back, but far more productive. 

Kristen from Volenvine Yarns and the Yarngasm podcast hosted a year long Box o’ Socks knit along last year, and I decided to get myself out of this shit type funk and do one for myself this year. Turns out Kristen is hosting this knit along again this year, so bonus for me!!

I’ve decided to not just save up scrap sock yarn for my Bee Keepers quilt anymore, I noted that I was missing out on alot of possibilities for some wicked contrasting cuffs, heels and toes. This pair, for instance, is some scrap yarn from other recent socks. And I’m still going to have leftovers!! Those leftovers will be fine for striped hexipuffs. Much more suitable. I’m excited.

And really surprised with myself. I went from knitting socks in size US 1’s to size 2’s, so maybe that’s helped me finish THREE WHOLE PAIRS so quickly. 

I’ll update my most recent finishes with notes when I post next. I’ve missed sharing with you all. Lots of.love and wooly wonder!


One thought on “Apathy

  1. Astronomical student fees are a real downer… my student loan debt is sky high and a bit depressing.
    Glad you found some solace in knitting! It did help me through when I went through a depressive state. In fact, my own blog was born in that same time, so maybe something creative helps releasing the mind from sad thoughts..
    All the best and knit on!

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