Lace, time, and place

I will confess, in all my 15+ years of knitting, I’ve never done a predominantly lacey project. I don’t know why. I admire it, I covet it, but I never wind up knitting anything super lacey.

I started this shawl last year, it’s called Ishbel.

I’m making mine in a luscious emerald green, but I don’t have a picture of it because I’m so flustered with it.

Half this shawl is a simple stockinette V shaped shawl. And the bottom half is this pretty lace. I started this shawl a year and a half ago right before Mr. Nick and I started dating, and I put it down just as I finished that stockinette portion.

I now understand that my subconscious was trying to tell me something.

After discovering one of my cats had chewed a hole in it, which I was thankfully able to fix, I started the lace portion at Knit Night.

Big mistake.

Lace is not a social knitting skill. Maybe it will be for me some day, but unlike my usual knitting where I’m able to knit by touch, I need my whole focus on lace. 

Perhaps this will be a therapeutic knit, since it will take all my thought and attention. I caught my mind wandering last night while I was working on lace row 9 and I got all lost and discombobulated. Again, I took it as a sign. 

So I went ahead and frogged out the lace I had done, it’s now back in its bag waiting for me to have a quiet moment or two.

Speaking of Mr. Nick.

It’s so cool to have a man who is just as quirky as I am. He really didn’t want to drop my off at Walmart the other night to get a tapestry needle, so he fired up the lathe in his room for the first time since we’ve been dating and made me one 🙂


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