Ply Away

Guys, I am never going to talk myself out of going on trips ever again.

I’m currently lounging in our second hotel room for this trip, watching the sun come up and I’m just so thankful.

I spent my weekend at Ply Away, a spinning retreat in Kansas City. And this has been pretty close to the best trip ever. Seriously. 

The market place, my fiber and cheese sampling class, the SHOPPING, it was all so magical. It was definitly worth the money. 

So like I saod, my friend Sarah and I are in our second hotel room. It’s been raining and flooding in Missouri for almost three days, and we eventually felt safer staying one more night. An unwelcome extra expense, but overall a better decision. I had a wonderful time, more so than I can type into words, but I’m ready to go home to my man and my cats 🙂

Here is a teaser clip of the market place. You can see my full review on my special No Rest for the KNOTTY episode! I’m already editing it now 😉
Happy knitting and spinning!!


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