Cohabitation Station

Well, the kittens and I are officially moved in to the new place with Mr. Nick. Jake Ballard, my oldest kitten, did not like this and refused to leave the bedroom for days. But he has finally come around.

The last night of the move was hard.

Don’t get me wrong, I wanted this move to happen, I wanted to wake up with my honey AND the cats and not have to choose one over the other, but I’m gonna miss my Bachelorette pad. I’m going to miss having My space litered with My crafty love and drinking wine while I put a puzzle together and listen to country music on the radio. But this move is a good thing. 

Nick took a break to play around on the beginnings of his robotic lawn mower 🙂 it’s funny that we are two crafty people, but are very different with what we do craftily, haha

The yarn is stashed under the bed, and the fiber …well, let’s not talk about my abundance of fiber…

Yes, my spinning wheel is on the coffee table at the moment. I’m still trying to configure where exactly everything is going to fit. 

My new job is also going well. As of yesterday I am done with training and will be flying solo all this weekend. And then I will enjoy a wonderful 3 day work week, get more time at home with my little family, and get some time at home for my crafty interludes 🙂

Part of these interludes include me NOT buying yarn. With the grand exception of my Knitcrate yarn subscription, I have been Shopping my Stash lately for all my knitting needs. Included in this is my first Reyna shawl, out of my handspun Malabrigo Rios. The girls at work are mesmerized by this, and thankfully it’s a chill enough job where I can work on my side projects when we get a slow moment.

I do however have other knitting commitments. I have three commissioned orders to finish before fall, and I may not take any more for this year. Because I have a super big ME project to complete, but I’ll have to fill you in on that later…

Knit with love,


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