I think I’ve set myself up for failure.

I’m all set to test knit a shawl for Knotty Gnome, and I’m so excited!! It’s a beautiful half pi shawl with a lace border.

That’s all I can show you for now! I have permission to share my progress as I go along. Now I need to do some stash diving for yarn.

Next, I’m all set up to do the Starting Point wrap by Joji Locatelli, and I’ve had yarn picked out for that forever, but I can’t bring myself to cast on yet. 

I did,however, find some gorgeous yarn to start the Brooklyn Knit folk Hipster KAL. 

The premise of this is to rebel against the Fade craze going on on Instagram and Ravelry. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the original Find Your Fade wrap, it’s gorgeous and I am honestly just sick of all the copycat patterns that have come up lately. 

I’m going to use some Siidegarte yarn from Switzerland for my Monarda shawl, and a variegated white yarn woth speckles to go with it 🙂

And, of course, I cast on a Fade of my own. 

I’m just a glutton for punishment


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