Sock War 2017

Guys, alot has happened lately. For the sake of not boring you to tears, I’m just gonna talk about Sock War. So, for the first time in over 5 years, One City Market is hosting it’s Sock Assassin’s game. The rules are simple; everyone starts the same sock pattern at the same time for their … More Sock War 2017

Ply Away

Guys, I am never going to talk myself out of going on trips ever again. I’m currently lounging in our second hotel room for this trip, watching the sun come up and I’m just so thankful. I spent my weekend at Ply Away, a spinning retreat in Kansas City. And this has been pretty close … More Ply Away


I would literally saw off my left foot for some crepes right now. Filled with whipped marscapone and topped with strawberries and Creme Anglaise  I. Love. Brunch food.  Brunch is literally the best time of day. It’s not too early, but it’s not so late in the day that you’ve wasted half of it.  So … More Brunch


I’ve really been disconnected from life lately. It’s like I’ve been a different person, I’ve not cared about alot of things, and then the next thing you know I need to hug everyone I know. It’s been wierd. I suppose flunking out of nursing school really started this downward spiral. I doubled my student loan … More Apathy


I don’t spend alot of time wishing for things. I think I’ve just had so many hopes go unfulfilled in my life that I just stopped being dreamy and just became more pragmatic. Which can be good or bad. On the one hand I have a harder drive to research and build what I want … More Wishes

In Too Deep

It is already the second day of December, where has the time gone? This whole past month has been full of tears and stress and things I would just rather not have to deal with. It has also consisted of many many impulse knitting projects I am not a perfect person. I have yet to … More In Too Deep


I have no words for what transpired two nights ago.  Before we go further than that, I would like to share that I proudly voted Third Party. I had to go woth someone who represented not only a good chunk of my personal values, (not all, but many), and I chose someone who could elegantly … More What