These fun textured leg warmers add style and comfort to your fall or winter outfits!


 1 set of 4 size 2 DPN’s

 1 set of 4 size 3 DPN’s
2 skeins of sock yarn (50oz each), I like Regia sock yarn for these! You will have leftovers.

 Tapestry needle


Work the gauge that fits with the sock yarn.


Leg Warmers:

With Size 2 DPN’s, CO 72 sts, spreading 18sts on Needle 1, 36 on Needle 2, and 18 on Needle 3. Work in K2P2 Ribbing for 15 rounds


 Switching to Size 3 DPN’s, Knit 12 rounds

 Purl 1 round

 Knit 1 round

 Purl 1 round

 Repeat these 15 rounds 8 times

 Knit 12 more rounds

Switching back to Size 2 DPN’s, work 15 more rounds in K2P2 ribbing.

 BO in Pattern.

This pattern is an Original design of Blue Merino Fiber Arts. It is to be utilized for personal use only and not distributed for commercial use.


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